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02 9633 4683
0402 979 519
Open 7 Days a week
from 10 AM to 7 AM

Working holiday jobs in Midnight delight Parramatta

Working holiday jobs in Midnight delight Parramatta: English Irish Dutch German Japanese Korean and French girls with working holiday visas are welcome. Midnight Delight

02 9633 4683
0402 979 519
Open 7 Days a week
from 10 AM to 7 AM

We are at:
25, Wentworth Street, Level 1 Parramatta.

What do we look for? 

  • Eligible age group: 18–45
  • Married or single status
  • Everyone is welcome, regardless of weight. Please, no one who is dependent on drugs or alcohol.
  • A solid education, broad knowledge, and the ability to communicate at any level are all necessary.
  • Making a lot of money requires a gregarious personality, being helpful, kind, and easy to get along with.
  • Because of the high volume of repeat customers, your ability to put them at ease and make them feel at home is crucial.
  • Speaking English fluently is a plus, but certainly not a need. We really value languages from other Asian and European regions.
  • You need to have more going for you than simply good looks. Any attractive person may be an escort, but if you want to make more than the industry average as an escort in Sydney, you need to have it all. The position of Sydney Escort is open to girls who are physically active, toned, athletic, and full-figured. Clients love our lingerie and swimwear models for their beautiful bodies.
  • Girls that are not just fit but also voluptuous, beautiful, and glamorous are in high demand.
  • Our clients really like our females when they are friendly, funny, flirty, and have great conversational skills. Being able to relate to people on a variety of levels is crucial in the service sector, where a positive attitude is an asset.
  • Only when tasteful and well placed are excessive tattoos embraced. Nonetheless, breast augmentations and covert tattoos are quite permissible.
  • We are looking for a student escort in Sydney for a working holiday visa. Your weekly earnings as an escort in Sydney might range from $3,000 to $7,000, depending on your clientele’s preferences and the number of days you work.

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