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Nude Massage jobs best rates Sydney

There is only one good way for an escort to be paid

That is in cash, by the client, at the beginning of any booking. The escort should then, after completing the job, pay the agency an agreed commission. Commission varies from agency to agency. But know what it is before you agree to work with them and decide if what you come out with at the end of a booking. After that commission has been deducted is enough to justify what you did to earn it. Apply for Nude Massage jobs best rates Sydney.

Double check about the agency

If an agency suggests a photographer to you for your escort shots ask to see a portfolio of his work. Always compare his charges to other similar practitioners in the field. The second major thing to watch out for when meeting a new agency is the management trying to misuse you. Too many women to mention have fallen foul of this manipulative male practice. Always get a second opinion about the escort agency before you apply. 

You should not expect, nor should you agree, to being paid by cheque after the event

Another common rip-off is the agency that says it collects money from its ‘membership’ on a regular basis and can only pay you by cheque two weeks after you do a job. Although there are various ‘men’s sex clubs’ out there whose members contribute regularly to a central pot. If you are hired by one of them you should always be paid up front and in cash for anything you do. 

The first call comes

The agency will provide you with details of the client’s name, address, telephone number and sometimes his required preferences. Any reputable agency will have run a security check on the client by taking the client’s name and accommodation details and checking them with Directory Enquiries or the hotel in question. Apply for Nude Massage jobs best rates Sydney.

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