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The escort agency does not generally discuss your services or your fee with the client. The escort agency merely facilitates the introduction. Whatever happens between you and the client is legally just between two consenting adults. We all know that we are selling sex here but the agency cannot outwardly state it because they are not legally selling sex. Experience the art of touch at Midnight delight

How to convince your clients

You telephone the client, withholding your number always. Now is the time for your instinct to really come into play. This might be your first contact with a person you are potentially going to become intimate with. Use your escort alter ego to sell yourself to him over the phone while listening out very carefully for any sign from him that you will not get along. Be business-like and intelligent but sensual. 

Arrange your time

Arrange a realistic time to meet the client. Do not tell him that you can be there in half an hour when you are on the other side of town without cab fare. Though if he is desperate you can always suggest that he pays for your taxi when you get there. If he is in a hotel ask him where in the hotel his room is situated.  They are merely facilitating one person spending a pre-booked amount of time with another person. 

Be honest with your client

Find out what he would like you to wear and be honest with him if you can’t manage it. Because you are miles from home and you haven’t got your suspender belt and stockings with you. Find out if there is any particular service, he would like from you. Be honest with him about whether you will be happy to provide it. Experience the art of touch at Midnight delight.

Tara Midnight Delight
Tara Midnight Delight

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